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Pioneer Honor Society

As members, there is an expectation that you attend meetings when you can. We have almost 100 members in CSF alone; our meetings should be packed. Perhaps you don’t know when or where they are:

Leadership Council meeting- The first Wednesday of the month in D205

Full NHS/CSF meetings- The second Wednesday of the month- Location - Theater

Third and Fourth Wednesdays- Fundraising or Service committee meetings as needed.

In order to apply for CSF scholarships as seniors, you have to show evidence of your active participation in CSF, if you don’t attend meetings; you’re not being an active member.

Even Seniors, who have off campus lunch, should attend meetings, even if it means sacrificing the occasional lunch off campus.




The Pioneer Honor Society is a combined organization of California Scholarship Federation and National Honor Society members.


  • Students may be in both the CSF and NHS or only one to be a member of the P.H.S.
  • Each honor organization has their own unique membership requirements, deadlines and dues that individual students must complete for membership.
  • Neither organization has automatic membership, being on the honor roll does not guarantee you a spot in the PHS.
  • Being a member of the CJSF or NJHS in junior high does not automatically mean you are a member of CSF or NHS, they are completely separate organizations, you must academically prove yourself in high school first.

    Special Note- If you receive any mail from the National Society of High School Scholars, it is NOT the same thing as National Honor Society. Pioneer High School neither recognizes or honors any aspect of the NSHSS for graduation, so joining it is done by your own choice.

Application Deadlines

CSF Application Deadlines

Fall Semester/Spring Semester -CSF membership renewal-The first two weeks of each semester.
The specific date will be announced and posted in the daily bulletin and on the school web site prior to the deadline.

NHS Application Deadlines

The Application period for NHS is the first two weeks of the Spring semester. The specific date will be announced and posted in the daily bulletin and on the school web site prior to the deadline.


Q: Can freshmen join?   

A: Freshmen can apply for probational status for CSF in the second semester and for NHS at the same time. CSF membership for awards begins in 10th grade.

Q: If I am on the honor roll, I am automatically in NHS right?  

A: No. In order to be in either CSF or NHS you must apply.

Q: I was in the NJHS at Douglass or Lee, does that mean I am automatically in NHS ?

A: No, you must have high school grades on your transcript in order to be in NHS or CSF

Q; If I have a D on my progress report, do I kicked out of the P.H.S. ?  

A: No, only final report cards count. If your GPA drops below a 3.5, you will have to reapply for NHS. CSF members must renew their membership every semester .

Q: What awards will I receive if I apply for the first time for CSF and NHS as a Senior?

A: For CSF, none. You must be in the club for at least four out of six semesters.  For NHS, you can receive your honor cord and seal, but cannot apply for scholarships, since the scholarship deadline to apply is before the application deadline.

Q: How will I know I am accepted?

A: Students who are not accepted will receive an email explaining why their application status was not approved. Students who are accepted will start receiving group emails about meetings from club officers.

Q: I missed the deadline for applying, what can I do?

A:  If you were sick or out of school for another legally excused absence (Independent Study does not apply), you can turn your application in when you return to school.  If you simply forgot, you are out of luck.

P.H.S. Leadership

Staff Advisor- Mr. Guemmer

CSF Information and Application

Special Note- Choose only your 5 best Academic centered classes
for your application.  Remember most of your CSF points must come from courses that are designated A - F on the A- G scale. 

National Honor Society Information and Application  

Awards and Merchandise

All Life CSF members will receive the golden seal on their diploma and transcripts and a Life member pin, but only active members receive special recognition at graduation, so make sure you get involved.

All Senior NHS members in good standing will receive a gold cord and special recognition at graduation. Senior members can apply to be nominated for National Scholarships.